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What live fabulous is all about

Creative and Functional Solutions

Creative and Functional Solutions with professional perspective that allow you to plan appropriately, choose items wisely, and prepare for future needs.

Client Budget

Adhering to Clients Budget & Time frame. Integrating the distinct liking of different family members so that the space appeals to everyone.

Hassle-free One Stop Solution

Hassle-free One Stop Solution for all your Personalized Interior Design Needs

Help to Visualize

Helps you to Visualize the final outcome with 2D Layouts & 3D Layouts as required.

Industry Connected

Well-connected in the Industry & well versed with market to get the right products for your home. Suggests the retail or online purchases for furniture, accessories, furnishing, lighting etc.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail with commitment to the Hightest Quality Standard giving edge over the competition.

Honestly and Transparency

No alliance with any retailer/vendor. What make us different from others is our Honestly and Transparency.

Rich Discount

All Discounts passed directly to the Clients, thus bringing more value for money to our clients. We do not work on Commissions from Retailers/Vendors.

Note from Richa

We believe a beautiful home can change your life. We also know making the jump from inspiration to implementation can be pretty intimidating. Our Homes can be sacred place where you can feel safe, protected, loved and relaxed. To design, we need to look empathetically at people first. Only then we can design to meet their needs emotionally, physically and visually. So whether you want to learn how to do it yourself, get some support from our team, or just need some inspiration for your home, we’ve got you covered.

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