How Are We Ensuring The Safety & Hygiene Norms While Working On Our Future Projects?

The Coronavirus crisis has dictated that health and hygiene become our priority. We are adapting to this scenario and adhering to the health guidelines.

We understand you may have some questions about getting started with your interior design projects once the lockdown ends. So, here are answers to some of the questions you might have about the measures we are putting in place to ensure your safety.

1. Is it safe to resume work after the lock down ends?

We are in a situation that is changing frequently and there is no long-term visibility. It is quite difficult to predict the overall nature of the work environment, especially in terms of safety, over the next few weeks and months.

We have laid down measures which will be followed by our people to ensure safety at individual and project level. These measures are guidelines and procedures to be followed by labor, project managers and anyone else working on the project;

2. What measures has Live Fabulous put in place to support the resumption of work after lock down ends?

We have assigned various responsibilities to our site supervisors and project managers who will work along with contractor/labor working on the site to ensure work flows smoothly. In addition to this, every building complex will implement its own rules for work to resume & we will ensure all those rules are being followed by our personnel at all times.

Live Fabulous Site Supervisors will prepare a schedule for site visits:
Live Fabulous Project Managers will coordinate work with site supervisors:
Live Fabulous contractors will work closely with site supervisors to ensure safety along with work flow:

3. How will Live Fabulous mobilise the labour needed for its projects?

We are assessing the availability of the workforce that is currently at hand. A lot of workforce are migrant workers and have traveled back to their hometowns and villages. Once there is more clarity on material and people movement post lockdown, we will assign the workforce to our projects.

We will balance out the workforce available to us across different projects and aim to start work on all our projects within the week of lockdown being lifted. Revised work schedules will be provided to you in the same week. We will also work with you to ensure timely delivery of your project, keeping in mind the restrictions at hand.

4. How long will it take to complete my project after work on site resumes?

It's highly likely that the new delivery timelines are longer than what was discussed before lockdown. In case you have strict deadlines to move in (current lease getting expired, tenants moving into your current residence etc.), we will work with you to assess the situation so that we can help you move in. We will draw up a new schedule of the work on-hand and mobilise our resources to meet the proposed timelines.

Please do keep in mind that due to the fluidity of the situation and changing nature of things, we may have to revisit these timelines if needed.

5. How will quality be managed?

We do regular site supervision and that will continue going forward on all our sites. In addition, due to the possibility of restricted movement, we will also use technology to monitor work progress. We will do regular video calls and room by room site walk-throughs. On pre-decided dates/times, our supervision team will be on site and all protocols and social distancing measures will be followed.

To ensure quality of materials being delivered on site, we will coordinate the deliveries to be made such that it coincides with the times during which our project management team is on site. Some materials such as hardware, lights, switches, etc, may also be delivered to our office so that we can verify them and then send them to site.

Please be assured that quality of materials and work will not suffer after work resumes. If needed, we may look at slowing down the pace of work / implementing new guidelines to make sure we are meeting all the requirements for delivery a high quality end-product.

6. How will material delivery be managed if Live Fabulous vendors are in hot-spots?

We work with vendors that are spread across the city and if needed, outside the city as well. Given the size and scope of our network, even if some vendors are not able to deliver, we have enough options to ensure delivery of materials.

If the broader supply chain is disrupted and factories are not able to manufacture goods on time, there is a possibility of delay in the time taken to get materials on site. However, as much as possible, we will place orders ahead of time, so that we can minimise the delays for the overall project delivery.

7. How will labour travel and where will they stay?

Travel will be dependent on which modes of transport are functioning that will allow our workforce to access sites. We are also looking at options of trying to get some of our workforce to find accommodation near on-going sites, so that they can either walk or take a private cab/rickshaw to site. We will keep reviewing this on a regular basis till things are normalised.

8. How will Live Fabulous ensure sanitation/safety of labour?

Temperature checks will be done before workforce enters the actual site. We will also be providing safety equipment (masks, gloves, sanitizers etc.) and will also be enforcing the social distancing measures while work is in progress.

9. How will Live Fabulous guarantee that in the case that someone contracts the virus from the team while working on my site, the responsibility is not mine?

The team and the workforce is Live Fabulous's responsibility. Clients will not be responsible for their safety and overall health. We are taking measures to ensure safety of our workforce.

10. Will there be a cost impact to the client because of extended timelines?

We do not foresee any major cost impacts to the client. In the case that there does happen to be a cost impact, we will work on a case by case basis with you to understand why this is happening and what can be done to minimise it.

11. How will Live Fabulous map movement of labour on site?

We will assign only enough people on site that ensures social distancing measures can be followed. There will likely result in lesser number of people being able to work on an ongoing project compared to normal times and these will be part of our overall discussion with you in terms of delivery timelines.

12. Is Live Fabulous looking at the option of letting the labor stay on site? If yes, how will this be planned and managed?

Yes, this is in fact the best option to ensure quicker delivery, keeping in mind the safety of the workforce as well. This option will also be dependent on permissions from the society management office. In case all permissions are in place, we will look at replacing / providing new fixtures, fittings, etc. which the labor may use while staying on site.